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Hey I'm Sam
I'm a 20 year old artist and cosplayer
I'm majoring in International Studies
I'm basically cold blooded
I get distracted easily
I love cats and giraffes
I do bite, but I swear the bites are filled with love
It's been a while since my last journal(though that's pretty normal for me it seems) and I thought what with my current focus on banging out costume stuff and planning for conventions I might as well fill you all in on my plans!

So costumes that I'll be making this year are:
Hiccup - How to Train your Dragon
Kid Flash/Wally - Young Justice
Mother Gothel - Tangled (Maybe)

Along with these, I'm also redoing most of Gamzee Makara, touching up Jack Frost's staff, wig, and hoodie, and redoing all the band/wrap thingies on Sasuke Uchiha. I'm hoping to have Hiccup and Gamzee completely good to go before I leave for camp(which is June 15th-August 8th) since once I return I'll be busy with KF, Jack, and Sasuke, along with all my school and work commitments. This is my third time making Gamzee's horns, and I'm using completely different materials and techniques this time, since model magic alone has proved to be way too delicate and breakable. So we'll see how that goes!

As for conventions, the only one I'm going to in 2013 is New York Comic Con. It's my first non-anime-centered convention, but I've been pulling away from anime for quite some time now, so it's fitting that I start attending more westernized conventions. It'll be my most expensive convention ever, but I think it's gonna be worth it. After that I won't be showing my face at any cons until Katsuon 2014, which is pretty much a ritualistic tradition for my friends and me. It'll be our 8th year in a row attending Katsu, which is just crazy to think about.

Aside from the cos and con life, I've been pretty much just going to the gym, working, and doing school. I finished this semester yesterday, and now only have one 10 credit semester left, and then I'll officially have my Associates degree!(Took me 3 1/2 years to get, but I'm not gonna think about that part) Beyond that, I think I'm gonna get a Bachelor's, and eventually a Master's, for teaching some sort of science. Biology is my favorite, but Chemistry teachers are way more in demand and I'd be more likely to get the chance to live in Hawaii if I were a Chemistry teacher. Not sure which to choose yet, but I'll figure it out!

I'm gonna really make an attempt to show my costuming progress on here more. I need to take pictures of what I already have finished for Hiccup, but that'll have to wait til I get back from camping on Monday. I also really need to set aside some time to scan all my freaking art so I can post it. I did so much drawing while in Japan(especially proud of my ridiculously awesome gijinka my little ponies) and since returning from there. I seriously need to make some of this art known to my dA and tumblr followers. There's only gonna be about a month of activity though, since I'll be gone at camp for two months come mid june, but I'm gonna try to pick right back up with the activeness with more art, kid flash costuming, and whatever else might interest you all as soon as I return!

So anyways, tl;dr I've got a few new costumes coming, nycc to attend in October, one more semester of college, and will be attempting to be more active on here!

Now it's time to pass out for two hours before waking up to drive down to Richmond! Goodnight all <3

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no new art = no good.
get on it!
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